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Restaurants in Cape Town

The selected *Stars* in Cape Town: Greenhouse - Gentlemen's Arthouse Pop Up Restaurant - Myoga - Nobu - Janse & Co - Lord Nelson Restaurant - Reverie Social Table.

Participating restaurants in Cape Town

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Restaurants in Johannesburg

The selected *Stars* in Johannesburg: LBV - NCW - Level Four - Clico Restaurant - Kream (Mall of Africa) - Urbanologi - Luce at Hyde Park - Winehouse at Ten Bompas - Gentlemen's Arthouse. 

Participating restaurants in Johannesburg

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Restaurants in The Winelands

The selected *Stars* in The Winelands: Le Coin Francais - Haute Cabrière.

Participating restaurants in The Winelands

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Restaurants in Pretoria

The selected *Stars* in Pretoria: Mosaic at the Orient - Kream Brooklyn - The Black Bamboo.

Participating restaurants in Pretoria

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Restaurants in Durban

The selected *Stars* in Durban: 9th Avenue Bistro - Big Easy By Ernie Els

Participating restaurants in Durban