Smokin' Joe's

 New! Limited Seats

2019 Eat Out Award Winner of the Hellman’s Best Burger Eatery in Umhlanga!

54 Problem Mkhize Rd, Essenwood, Berea
4001 Berea

Smokin’ Joe’s is the tale of one man’s quest to craft the ultimate burger. With his gloves on, and armed with mama’s trusted spatula, Joe set off on a journey of culinary training. From throwing hooks around the Souk in the UAE to dodging left-right combinations in the UK, even the jaw-smashing burger shacks of the USA were no mean feat for this skilled heavyweight. The South African Joe was always a serious contender, a seasoned braai-fighter who never gave up on his search for that knock-out flavour combo.

Rollin’ with the punches, the old grill fired up and smokin’, his years of training and experience led to the creation of his name-sake palate pleaser. At Smokin’ Joe’s, everyone is guaranteed a spot, ringside. Once the smokiness fills the air, just like the champ you’ll have found your perfect match. ‘Cos with Smokin’ Joe’s knockout burgers, everyone leaves a winner!