Café BilliBi

DiningCity star Wine Special! New! 2-Course Lunch Special!

Café BilliBi will change the way you think about eating out.

Shop G23A, Stoneridge Centre, Greenstone Park
1609 Johannesburg

EVERY once in a while a dining destination comes along that changes the way you think about eating out. It breaks the mold, challenges convention and offers a true adventure for the appetite. This is what Café Billi Bi is all about – a boutique café experience that totally re-thinks the usual coffee shop offering to serve not just delicious food, but a feast for the senses.One of the side-effects that comes with a city rich in dining options, is the over-saturation of franchised chain restaurants. Standardised 'bulk a la carte' food with speedy service but little imagination! That's why you'll welcome the refreshing break from formula that is offered by Café Billi Bi -with its signature style, personal approach and bespoke flair.

Our intention has been to capture a fresh spin on the traditional 'coffee shop' experience. It's about transforming the finest ingredients into masterfully-prepared and unique dishes with attention-to-the-last-detail service – turning casual café dining into an extraordinary yet highly accessible treat.

The food that is set to make Café Billi Bi famous comprises original, well-prepared dishes with a gourmet twist. Delicious homemade pasta's, amazing breakfasts and the freshest of salads with a spin, are just some of the daily specials that local foodies are raving about. Or choose from a menu that includes everything from decadent cakes to home-prepared pies and tantalizing burgers.

Any time of the day is Café Billi Bi time – for mid-day café-style light meals, coffee and cake or afternoon tea. We're fully-licensed – so join us late afternoon and end your day with a Billi Bi cocktail or two – very continental… and of course we take our coffee very seriously – and it truly is a totally unique experience.

Fresh ingredients are the expected standard all round and the chef owner's special touch makes all the difference. Every plate of food is prepared on order – true to the hallmark of a quality restaurant.

Clifford Correia is chef and owner of Café Billi Bi – with a creative approach to food that fuses classical techniques with innovative ideas, right through to the presentation of the food. Clifford has 20 years' experience in the restaurant industry and has a number of successful eateries to his credit.

It's about energetic ambiance, international flavour and a twist of the unexpected in a warm, comfortable and light setting. An easy, breezy space that combines an authentic taste experience with excellence in service and attention. More than a restaurant it's a relationship you'll want to be loyal to, time after time.

But of course the proof, as they say, is in the eating! That's why we would love to welcome you to come and enjoy the Billi Bi experience and share it with your family and friends. They will surely thank you!

This restaurant holds 1 Star. Restaurants holding 1 Star ask R200 p.p. in total for their lunch special and R300 p.p. in total for their dinner special. Please check the menu to see if this restaurant offers lunch and/or dinner.