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Mosaic at the Orient

Special Price! Top 20 Special Menu!

The #7 restaurant in SA & the #1 in Pretoria, according to Eat Out 2018.

The Orient Boutique Hotel, Francolin Conservation Area, Crocodile River Valley
0001 Pretoria

  • Fantastic special at great restaurant
  • When: 17 Oct – 3 Nov
  • Note! Limited seats available!

Having travelled the world, filling several passports in the process, Chantel found her second home in Paris where she fell in love with the Belle Epoque Restaurants such as Le Grand Colbert, Vaganende and La Fermette Marbeuf. When asked how she wanted to decorate Restaurant Mosaic, her choice was easy – in the Art Nouveau style. Renowned South African Impressionist artists and interior decorators were commissioned to step back in time to the romantic early 1900s to create a restaurant that was both romantic and unique. It has an intimate feel with booth-type seats and two private dining rooms.

When the restaurant is open, award-winning chef Chantel Dartnall is always in attendance and always meets the diners to explain the menu and answer questions. "Over the years I have experimented with so many different taste sensations that I have discovered the universal truth. There are only a few basic fundamentals when it comes to being a chef – passion, consistency and simplicity. The one thing that will make me go back to a restaurant is knowing that you can have that same gastronomical experience again. It may not be exactly the same dish, but the quality is unchanged. Consistency is the cornerstone of Restaurant Mosaic."

"My passion for the culinary arts is to involve all the senses and to transform the act of eating into a sensual experience. I want to captivate the person eating the food I have prepared with flavour, texture, beauty and elegance. This is why I am always there and in charge when the restaurant is open."

This restaurant offers a special menu and therefore charges R950 p.p. in total for their “Market Dégustation” menu, both for lunch and dinner.