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DiningCity starDiningCity starDiningCity star Wine Special! Special Menu!

FABER is a contemporary farm-to-fork restaurant that approaches each ingredient with the utmost respect.

Lustigan Road, Klein Drakenstein, Paarl
7624 Cape Town

  • Fantastic special at great restaurant
  • When: 17 Oct – 3 Nov
  • Note! Limited seats available!


FABER is a progressive South African restaurant celebrating the passion for handcrafting food and wine that is authentic and evocative.  In every dish, Chef Dale Stevens, emphasises respect for the origins of what we eat and drink; appreciation for the narratives of each ingredient; joy at the creativity of each gastronomic process, whether contemporary or bygone; love for the power of food encounters to make guests happy.

FABER The Experience

However, what goes into achieving this is beautifully nuanced and exhilaratingly complex – from the sourcing of nourishing, seasonal ingredients through to the creative toil and craftsmanship in the kitchen so that dishes are laden with a sensational blend of Nature’s goodness crafted with deep human creativity and care. In line with Avondale’s well-established ethos as the pioneer of premium, award-winning South African wines, produced organically and biodynamically, FABER is a responsible, sustainability-driven restaurant focused on supporting organic, free range and low carbon producers.

This restaurant holds 3 Stars. Restaurants holding 3 Stars ask R300 p.p. in total for their lunch special and R400 p.p. in total for their dinner special. Please check the menu to see if this restaurant offers lunch and/or dinner.