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This foraging-friendly Franschhoek restaurant is rated by many as one of the top restaurants in South Africa.

11 Huguenot Road
7690 Franschhoek


Top 20 Restaurants – Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 


For Erasmus, foraged edible plants and mushrooms are an essential part of beautifying plates, flavouring stocks and reducing food costs on a small, seasonal menu rich in free-range meat and game. 


Much of that inspiration comes from Erasmus’ ‘field-to-fork’ ethos. The backbone of the menu is what can be foraged from the surrounding hills, and it’s a rare morning that he’s not out on his scooter, collecting basket strapped to the back, in search of the day’s ingredients

The Kitchen

“At Foliage, anything goes and we build the menu around what’s growing now, what’s available, and we play with that. Working for myself I get inspired by everything around me.” Chris.

The Restaurant

The setting, much like the menu, falls somewhere between upmarket bistro and contemporary farmhouse.

This restaurant holds 3 Stars. Restaurants holding 3 Stars ask R300 p.p. in total for their lunch special and R400 p.p. in total for their dinner special. Please check the menu to see if this restaurant offers lunch and/or dinner.