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Le Coin Français

Special Price! Top 20 Award Winner Special Menu! StreetSmart Limited Seats

EAT OUT Top 20 Restaurant. Multiple award-winning Chef de cuisine and owner, Darren Badenhorst will embody the essence of the valley in heritage, cuisine, art and wine.

17 Huguenot Rd, Franschhoek
7690 Franschhoek

  • Fantastic special at great restaurant
  • When: 17 Oct – 3 Nov
  • Note! Limited seats available!

Le Coin Français

The newest edition to the Franschhoek scene is a restaurant really and truly for Franschhoek. Both in concept and in name, the aptly named “Le coin Français” , which literally means Franschhoek, will embody the essence of the valley in heritage, cuisine, art and wine. It will feature cutting edge methods meeting time tested French elegance in cuisine, a carefully selected locally themed wine list to showcase the best local wines, a French sommeliers selection, and an ever evolving collaboration of art in the theme of photography.

The Chef

Multiple award winning Chef de cuisine and owner, Darren Badenhorst (previously executive chef of The Restaurant at Grande Provence) will take diners on a journey through his interpretations of nostalgic food memories encompassing “art on a plate” and leading them through a unique culinary exploration of flavours, textures and interactive creations.

This restaurant offers a special menu and therefore charges R495 p.p. in total for their their 5-course tasing lunch menu.